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How to inflate an yoga ball?

Yoga ball was inflated different than other balls such as basket-ball or beach ball due to its valve design. It took a while to figure it out. Here is how to inflate it:

1. Pull the air valve plug out with a pliers. 2. Inflate the ball. 3. Re-install the valve plug.


My experience with switching to Comcast Xfinity Broadband

Background ComCast Xfinity is one of major broadband service providers in Atlanta area. Attracted by their advertised broadband speed of up to 25 mbit/s and low price of $49.99/month in the Internet/Voice deal, and the thirty days money-back customer guarantee, I decided to switch from U-Verse to Xfinity. I could keep my U-Verse account for […]

How to reduce data usage by 90% in Netflix?


Some Internet Service Providers (ISP), such as Comcast, put data caps on subscribers’ account. If subscriber uses more data than the cap, ISP charges subscriber more money, which could be expensive. Netflix is one of the heavy users of data. A setting change can reduce Netflix data usage by 90%. If Netflix is viewed […]