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How to convert old HTC Inspire phone menu language to Chinese


Some of HTC smart phones, such as Inspire 4G (Android version 2.3), do not support global languages such as Chinese. Inspire 4G only supports English, Spanish and French. Smart phone has its life cycle, this three years old phone is marginally usable in US, but it still considered a good phone in China. If […]

How to Un-Freeze Nokia 928 Windows 8 Phone


Nokia Lumia 928 phone’s touch screen sometime freezes up. Without the touch capability, one can not even power down the phone to reboot it with the normal power down swipe.


Nokia provides a key combination to reboot the phone. Here are the steps:

Push the power button to make sure that the […]

My Experience of Nokia Lumia 928 Handset


My house has an iPhone 5, a HTC One Android phone and a HTC Aspire Android phone. It was time to renew cell phone contract, I decided to give Nokia Lumia a try. I wanted the latest Nokia Lumia 1020. Unfortunately, Verizon did not carry it. I got Verizon’s Lumia 928. Its specification […]