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How to convert old HTC Inspire phone menu language to Chinese


Some of HTC smart phones, such as Inspire 4G (Android version 2.3), do not support global languages such as Chinese. Inspire 4G only supports English, Spanish and French. Smart phone has its life cycle, this three years old phone is marginally usable in US, but it still considered a good phone in China. If […]

How to enable out going call on MajicJack


MajicJack is a compact voice over Internet protocol appliance. MajicJack enables a regular wire phone to make Internet phone call with no or extremely low cost.Original MajicJack attaches to PC’s USB port. MajicJack Plus can be used with power and an Ethernet cable, which is more convenient. However, MajicJack plus’ users may experience problem […]

How to dis-assemble an Ortho Lawn and Garden Sprayer?



Ortho Lawn and Garden Sprayer is a handy tool for gardening. However, its spray may clog some time. It is easy to take it apart to remove the clog. Here is a picture on a dis-assembled sprayer.