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Atlanta International Airport (ATL)


Atlanta International Airport with airport code ATL is the busiest airport of United States. It is huge with six concourses. Counting from the check in counters, the six concourses are Terminal T, Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal C, Terminal D and Terminal E. Terminal E is the international concourse which handles all incoming international […]

Beijing International Airport


Beijing International Airport (PEK) is also called Beijing Capital International Airport in China. You can see (BCIA) logos around terminals. It is the main air portal to the capital of China. It locates at the north east of Beijing, about 20 miles away from the city. There are airport express train to connect the […]

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Pittsburgh International Airport locates at west side of Pittsburgh. It connects to Pittsburgh through highway 60 then I316.

There are four terminals in the airport, A, B, C and D. All four terminals arranges as four corners of a square. There is food court with McDonald and other shops in the center of the […]