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Square’s Cash Card Boosts are Great!

I learned about Square’s Cash Card Boosts when I researched Square. The Boosts gives the Cash Card user instant cash, Square pays the Boost amount to the seller and the Cash Card user pays the remaining portion. Some of the Boosts are as high as 20%. This deal is too good to pass. So […]

How to use newer Allen-Bradley PanelView Firmware in PanelBuilder software


Allen-Bradley PanelView (classic type with model number 2711-) is old. However, with right firmware, it can communicate with newer controller.

How to use newer PanelView Firmware in Panel Builder Software

Select newer firmware from panelview by clicking on Catalog & Revision Number button as shown in the picture below.

How to Upgrade PanelView […]

How to Change Host File


If you want to test your website without modify your domain name server (DNS), you can change your host file in your computer. When computer is connecting to a website, it first checks its local host file. If the website is in its host file, it does not ask a public domain name server […]