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  1. Trump doesn't think he needs congressional approval to strike Iran
  2. Here's what you need to know about the US-Iran crisis
  3. Opinion: Trump is acting out of character. Here's why
  4. House Democrats say they've found more political motivation for citizenship question
  5. Analysis: In Supreme Court census case, it's Roberts v. Roberts

Local News

  1. Group says Georgia is missing out on $750 million in internet taxes
  2. Delta, other airlines see return of Georgia jet-fuel sales tax July 1
  3. In Augusta, Sanders makes pitch to state’s black voters in first Ga. campaign stop
  4. Trump at center of Georgia Republicans’ strategy in 2020 race
  5. Beck won office on borrowed money, his own that feds say was embezzled

Business News

  1. AbbVie to buy Botox-maker Allergan in $63 billion deal
  2. Oil prices drop on demand worries, Saudi supply pledge
  3. BMW's hybrid cars to switch to electric only mode in polluted cities
  4. Trade stress, Iran tensions hits stocks, dollar frets on Fed doves
  5. Fund supermarket Allfunds bulks up with Credit Suisse deal

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Technology News

  1. SpaceX Falcon Heavy's center core crashes into ocean after most difficult launch ever – CNET
  2. Titan's gigantic methane lakes could be encrusted with crystals – CNET
  3. Amazon Prime Day, officially announced for July 15, will run for two days – CNET
  4. Avengers: Endgame re-release — new footage, how to buy tickets, what we want to see – CNET
  5. What is a black hole? The universe's dark, mysterious monsters – CNET

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