More and more systems installed dual monitors on a PC. Most of the current remote support softwares only support the primary monitor. So if the operator put the program you need to support on the secondary monitor, you won’t be able to see it. However, we discovered that you can switch screen in UltraVNC.

How to Switch Monitor

UltraVNC Tool Bar

After you connect to the UltraVNC server, you see the primary monitor. If you want to switch to the secondary monitor, you click on

To switch back to the primary monitor, you click on

One thought on “How to Switch Monitor with Dual Monitor PC in UltraVNC”
  1. As helpful as this may be, I am not able to get the VNC server to display more than one monitor at any time. TightVNC does it on it’s own, but the infamous UltraVNC doesn’t do it at all. This may work from a pc to pc basis, but I’m using my Android to connect to my pc and these functions don’t exist.

    Is there any way to get UltraVNC to show more than one monitor at once?

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