My AT&T’s cell phone dropped dead while I was out of town. The cell phone was one of my life lines when I traveled. I located an AT&T store. However, 95% of the phones they offered were smart phones. Each of them required an add on data plan and a two year contract. However, I was reviewing my cell phone usage and thinking of switching carrier. I did not want to lock myself into another two years’ contract. I walked out of the AT&T store without a phone.

When I stopped by Wal-Mart to buy some water, I noticed GoPhone in the electronic section. It had AT&T logo on the package. According to the sales associate, I could put my existing AT&T sim card in and it should work. That’s good enough for me now, especially the price was less than $40. I purchased one. It worked as what the sales associate said. There was even a sticker on the phone saying “If you are a current AT&T wireless customer,  simply charge the battery and move your existing SIM”. I followed the instruction and VOLA, I could make and receive phone calls.

GoPhone PackageInsert ATT Sim Card

I was happy to get my travel life line back.