My insect screen was damaged by falling objects. It looked terrible.
Damaged Insect Screen
The completed window screen assembly costs around $26 while the replacement screen was only around $6.00. It looked easy to install. So I decided to replace it myself.


  1. Purchase the replacement screen, spline pushing tool and some screen spline in case you can not use the old spline.
  2. Insect Screen Tools and MaterialMark secure pins locations and middle bar locations with pencil on the old screeen before you take it down. They are all secured by the old spline. Once you remove the old screen, they may move and create a problem in the new screen.Mark Security Hooks and Center Bar Locations
  3. Use a small flat head screw driver to pry the end of old spline out. Then gentally pull the spline out. You can re-use it later if it is intact.
    Remove Old Spline
    Remove Old Screen
  4. Lay the new screen on top of the old screen frame, keep 1/4″ on top and one side edge. Let the other two sides extend beyond the frame.
  5. Lay the spline on top of the screen. Use the spline pushing tool to secure the screen in all four corners. Then secure the screen in all four mid-points.
    Secure all four corners then mid-points
  6. Place the security hooks and middle bar to the locations marked earlier.
    Insert Security Hooks to Marked Locations
  7. Repeatly secure the screen at the loose screen section’s mid-points. You can finish pushing the spline when the screen dose not move any more. This is the manual way to make an square insect screen. If you push the spline around the screen prameter, the screen material moves and stretchs. The resulting screen may be crooked.
  8. Use a heavy duty scissor to trim the excessive screen out. Fold extended screen material back over the spline so it feels smooth.
    Trim Excessive Screen

    Fold Screen Material Back
    Fold Screen Material Back

That’s it. It was simple and only took me 30 minutes for each screen. You can try it as well.
Final Screen

By homer