How to Add New Post

After you login, adding a new Post is as easy as typing.

  1. Click on the Post area and click on the “Add Post” Link. Click on the "Add New" post Link
  2. Steps to add a new post
    1. Select a post Title
    2. Type or paste your content
    3. Select one or more Categories for your post
    4. If you do not want other people to comment on your article, uncheck “Allow comments” box. The default is allow comments. Uncheck Allow Comments if you do not want other people to provide feedback
    5. You can preview your post with the “Preview” button.
    6. Click on the “Publish” button to share your knowledge with the world.

    Add Post Content and Publish itAfter you click on the “Publish” button, your post is available for the world to see.  If you visit the website right away, it should be the top entry in the “Recent Posts” area. Or you can select the post category and your post should be the top most one.

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