Project verification complains that high speed counter is too far away from power supply.


The 1769-HSC user manual states that the module has power supply distance of 4. That means it can not be more than 4 slots away from its power supply.

  • For Micrologix 1500, it should be within 4 slots of the PLC base. If there is an extended power supply, the high speed counter works within 4 slot of the extend power supply as well.
  • For 1769 series CompactLogix, the high speed counter should be within 4 slow of the power supply, either before or after the power supply.
  • For 1768 series CompactLogix, the power supply is always at the left most position, the power supply distance count from the processor, which has its own power supply. As long as the counter card is within 4 slot of the processor, it works fine.