Every girl has a fairy bride dream in her mind from girlhood. Wear in a white wedding dress and stunning jewelry; walk into the holy church with the bridegroom hand in hand. This picture has been autistic thinking for many times in girls mind.

The wedding is really the only chance in a woman’s life to become a princess unconditionally. The brides are so charming in the wedding not only because of the set off of the stunning wedding dresses but also the delicate jewelries. A perfect match with the jewelry will bring unexpected results.

Select accessories according to the face shape. The suitable accessories can decorate the bride’s face, and avoid weaknesses, so that the bride looks perfect in wedding. An oval face bride with long hair should wear a little thin ring and swing set chain or coarse picture chain, giving a quiet and rich, ripe soft feel. Short hair bridge should choose earrings, wire whip chain and side chain.

If you have a rectangular face, button-style earrings with large area are eye-catching, and increase the width of the face. Do not select swing ring. Best to wear short-chain or collar. She can wear  large hanging arc necklace.

Slender V-shaped necklace,  small, bright diamond earrings are tailor-made for round face brides.  Round face bride may also wear fall-style earrings.

Oval face bride can use a variety of accessories, a large flower-shaped earrings, a simple swing ring, thin and short necklaces are the best.

If you have a triangle face, you can choose a necklace with medium or long length and elongated hanging style earrings. These kinds of accessories will soften the line from the forehead to the jaw.