BIOS, the Basic Input Output System is the link between computer hardware and software. If it is broken, the computer just died. My old Dell Latitude D610’s BIOS was broken when I tried to upgrade its BIOS to version 6. It became a brick. I spent countless hours on it without any success until I found this article About Dell BIOS recovery. It gave me the location to get Dell BIOS files and special key to press. Here is my steps to restore BIOS to Dell D610.

Steps to restore BIOS on Dell D610

  1. Down load BIOS for your computer from For D610, I used D610-A5.exe. (My D610 BIOS was messed up during A6 BIOS upgrade.)
  2. Copy the file to an external USB floppy drive.
  3. Un-plug power and battery from the laptop. Connect the USB floppy drive with BIOS file on the floppy disk.
  4. Hold END key down on the keyboard while plug in the power. Release the END key when battery indicator light turns red.
  5. Push power button on the laptop. Floppy drive comes to live.
  6. After about 20 seconds, screen prompts “Remove Floppy to Start Up”
  7. Remove floppy. Computer starts up normally.


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