Excel VBA is a capable tool to automate Microsoft office applications. Several powerful tools are not on default tool bar and they are not easy to find, such as block comment, block uncomment, indent, outdent, and various book mark tools. It is easy to add them on the default tool bar.

Ways to add handy tools on tool bar

Open Excel VBA editor with ATL-F11. Right click on the tool bar area and select customize.

Select Edit categories in commands tab, there are handy tools such as Indent, Outdent, Comment Block and Uncomment Block.

001 - Add Indent Outdent comment Block Uncomment BlockBookmark group is really handy for marking different points in the code. It makes code navigation much faster.002 - Add Bookmarks to Tool BarDrag selected tools into tool bar. They are now easily accessible.

These tools are available in Access VBA as well.