How to display Oracle data to users without Oracle interface software? Most users have Excel 2010 installed. Excel 2010 can pull data from Oracle for display.

Steps to setup Excel to pull data from Oracle

  1. Click on “Data” tab in Excel and select “From Other Sources” in “Get External Data” ribbon group.01 - Access Data from Other Source Menu Item
  2. Select “Other/Advanced” in the “Data Connection Wizard” window.02 - Select Other_Advance
  3. Select “Oracle Provider for OLEDB” in “Data Link Properties”03 - Select Oracle Provider for OLE DB
  4. Enter Oracle’s data source, Oracle user name and password.04 - Enter Connection Credential
  5. Click on “Test Connection” to make sure that Excel can access Oracle database05 - Test Connection
  6. Select Oracle database and table to pull data from. 06 Select Database and Table
  7. Save this data connection for future use.07 - Save Connection File
  8. Select table to use08 - Select Database Table
  9. Enter where the data should be shown in the Excel workbook09 - Selection Insert Location

This is it. Excel shows Oracle data in the worksheet.