Many people who inspired to be a real estate agent in Georgia want to know how to become one and how much it costs to become one. This article covers the cost of becoming a real estate sales person.

  1. A Georgia resident needs to take 75 hours of Georgia Sales Pre-license class and pass the class exam with at least 75% accuracy rate. There are classroom options and online options. Online options cost between $200 to $400 ($325 on Class room lessons cost around $400 ($449 on MetroBrokers Academy
  2. Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) back ground check at local police station, which is required to obtain a license, $15
  3. Candidate needs to take Georgia State Salesperson Exam, include national and state exam. Exam takes 4 hours. AMP administers ( the computerized exam at this time. The cost for the exam is $115.
  4. License fee. If the candidate passes the state exam, s/he pays $170 non-refundable license fee for the state to issue him/her a real estate sales license.
  5. New licensee needs to take 25 credit hours of Georgia Real Estate Post Licensing classes. Online version costs around $139.99 (
  6. Electronic lock box key from Supra, activation fee is $50 and monthly service fee is $15.81
  7. Join a realtor association so standard real estate forms can be used. Activation fee is $25, yearly membership fee is $400 (
  8. Join a real estate broker. This can be as low as $25/month or even free. But normal cost is around $100/month.
  9. Print business 1,000 business card, cost is $54


One Time cost:

Pre-license class


Background Check


Exam Fee


License Fee


Post-License classes


Electronic Lockbox key activation


Realtor association joining fee


Business card


Total One Time Fee



Yearly cost:

Broker fee ($100/month)


Lock box key fee ($15.81/month)


Realtor Association ($400/year)