Toyota Sienna is one of the best selling mini-van in United States. It has many well through off features. Its built in garage door opener remote control in the roof overhead console is one of the good features. But after many years of use, the internal mechanism broke and the button was pushed in and stopped working. Dealership will charge more than a thousand dollar to replace it. But with a little work with super glue and duct tape, it can be fixed in less than two hours.

Steps to fix the Remote control button

Use a Phillips head screw driver to take the two mounting screws out so the remote control panel can be taken out.

There are two tabs to hold the front part of the panel to the ceiling. Just need to pull the panel down slowly with some force. There are three electrical connectors. Need to push the tabs in the direction of arrows shown to disconnect the connections.

Use a T-10 bit to unscrew the six screws shown in the picture below. After that, the remote panel can be separated from rest of the system. There are three tabs on the remote panel to hold the front face to the assembly. With a small flat head screw driver, you can detach the face plate to expose the push buttons shown in next picture.

There are two plastic tabs to connect the green button to the rotation rob. The tabs broke down in this Sienna and could not hold the button to its place. You can use some super glue to hold the button to the rod and housing. But only apply super glue to the green tabs area or the button would not move. Also, a small piece of duct tape was applied to the push area (black at lower part of the button) to compensate the lesser movement.

Put the push buttons assembly back together with reverse order. As you can see the HomeLink button is at its normal position.

The fixed garage door control button moves less than normal, but as long as it pushes the underneath electrical button, the HomeLink button worked as shown in the picture below.

Additional Resource:

  1. After I fixed the switch, I found a Youtube video that used hot glue instead of super glue, which may work better. Click here to view the video.
  2. You can replace the console with a new part from Ebay. Click here to view an Ebay post.

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