PCAnywhere is a powerful software tool to let programmers and system administrators to monitor and maintain remote PC. However, local user has to add a host for remote user to log in.

Steps to Add a Host

  1. Start up PCAnywhere from Start -> ProgramsStartup PCAnywhere
  2. Click on host areaGo to PCAnyWhere Host Area
  3. click Add in Action areaClick Add in Action
  4. Select TCP/IP as connection type and click nextSelect TCP_IP as Connection Type
  5. Select Run as service so it starts up when computer boots upCheck Run as Service
  6. Select PCAnywhere EncodingSelect pcAnywhere Encoding
  7. Add user ‘Remote’ with password ‘password1’ (all without quotation marks. You can name it anything you like with whatever password) You need to pass these information to your remote party for him to login.Add user with user name and password
  8. Now you complete the steps and should see Remote listed in the user box as shown belowUser Remote Shown
  9. You can name your newly created host Remote in the host tab.Rename newly create Host Remote