Most of the banks only issue ATM card double as Credit card now. This kind of fake credit card do provide convenient to any one without a credit card. However, it adds extra risk on top of normal credit card. The risk includes:

  1. When vendors put a hold on some money in your bank account, you may over-draft your account. Car rental companies or hotels can put a big hold on your fund.
  2. Even bank improve protection on fake credit cards, however, if they can freeze your bank account if they suspect a fault. The freeze will make your daily finance a headache.
  3. If you use the fake credit card, money comes out of your bank account immediately. It is hard and time consuming to fight the recipient to get the money back. During  the fighting period, the money is not available for you to use.


Get a real credit card for credit card use. Also disable your bank ATM card’s credit card feature.

For new ATM card, it comes with a sticker stating “This card CANNOT be used until you call: 1-800-xxx-xxxx”. Actually, the ATM function is already enabled for the card. Calling the number on the sticker is activating the credit card function.¬† If you do not make the call, the credit card function will not be enabled.

You should be able to call some numbers to disable your credit card function if you already enabled it. Please check with your bank on how to do it.

By homer