Cocktail dress is woman’s dress usually worn at cocktail parties. It is important to dress in the right outfit if you are attending casual or formal parties. Wearing a cocktail dress is every woman’s desire but remember it is not that every cocktail dress can make you look stylish, so how to look fashionable in cocktail dress? Below are cited body types and cocktail dress styles that will enhance them.

Bottom heavy women for achieving stylish look should focus on her upper part and hide bottom part. While women those who are heavy at the top should focus on accentuating the bottom part and take attention away from the upper part. These women should look for cocktail dress that is snug at the waist but not too tight. Bottom part of dress should have flare so as to hide big hips and thick thighs. Ball gowns, flared empire waist cocktail dress,  etc. are perfect styles that suit them. Also keep in mind your dress should be of full length as you have nothing to show at bottom.

Another cocktail dress styles that suits bottom heavy women are the ones flaunt your upper body. Halter cocktail dress, off the shoulder cocktail dress, one shoulder cocktail dress etc. are some of them. Also dresses embellished at upper part are good options. These garnish attention towards upper part and draw away from bottom which you want. With respect to colors you should wear bright colors at top and dark at bottom. Reason is bright colors catches attention and dark colors gives slimming effect as well hide flaws. Thus what bottom heavy women should wear for looking fashionable is clear now.

On the opposite for top heavy women cocktail dresses showing legs are appropriate. Short cocktail dresses, knee length cocktail dresses, short ruffle hem cocktail dresses, short fitting cocktail dresses, short bubble hem cocktail dresses etc. are appropriate choices. Also dresses having embellishments at bottom are good enough. Such cocktail dress styles lend fashionable look to top heavy women.

Understand it very well that for looking fashionable it is not necessary to wear latest trend dress but the one that enhances your personality. A cocktail dress looks fashionable if it well suits your figure. Another thing which is equally important for looking fashionable is accessories. Women must wear accessories with cocktail dress for completing the look. Earrings, bracelets, chokers, necklaces, and handbags are must have accessories for giving final touch to appearance.

Just keep the above tips in mind you will look fashionable in cocktail dress.