Sometime operator needs to move Adept Robot manually, such as tech robot some target points or move the robot after E-Stop. It is easy to do if you know how.

Steps to move Adept X/Y/X Robot Manually

  1. Touch “Mode” button on T2 pendant from home menu.Push Mode Button to Access Manual Joint Control
  2. “Joint” option is selected in manual control mode. Push “-” key on “J1” to decrease X axis travel; Push “+” key on “J1” to increase X axis travel.Use -/+ buttons to move. J1 for X axis; J2 for Y axis; J3 for Z axis.
  3. Use “J2” for Y axis travel; Use “J3” for Z axis travel.
  4. Press Rec/Done button to exit manual control.Press REC_DONE to Exit