Allen-Bradley SLC5/xx PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has been in the market for more than twenty years. Some only systems have old firmware, which do not support newer feature. 1747-SDN DeviceNet module is SLC5/xx’s gateway to DeviceNet. Firmware 3.00 and below does not support newer features of DeviceNet. However, its firmware upgrading procedure is different with CompactLogix on ControlLogix.

1747-SDN Firmware Upgrade Procedure

  1. Check current firmware version. It should have label on the scanner card.1747-SDN Firmware 3.002
  2. Create a DeviceNet driver in RSLinx. This should be a direct link, such as 1770-KFD with correct Node Address, Data Rate and Communication Port settings.Configure 1770-KFD DriverSelect Port Speed and Node Address
  3. Run ControlFlash (You can download it from Allen-Bradley’s website) and select 1747-SDNLaunch ControlFlash and Select 1747-SDN
  4. Select target 1747-SDN module from RSLinxSelect 1747-SDN Scanner Hardware
  5. Select Target firmware versionSelect Revision 6_2
  6. Click Finish to start firmware upgrade procedureUpgrade Firmware
  7. Follow screen command to finish the firmware upgrade. Label the 1747-SDN card with new firmware version number for future reference.
  8. Upgrading FirmwareFirmware Upgraded