Brother DCP-110C is a multi-function office inkjet printer/fax/scanner/copier. It works well if it is used daily. However, if its ink is not used for extended period, it stops printing all together. Normally, the print head can be cleaned with the clean function. But if still no ink comes out after five or more times of cleaning, print head need more than normal cleaning. That’s the situation my DCP-110C was in. My DCP-110C was out of warranty. A call to Brother’s service representative showed it would cost upward of $85 to replace the print head. It was cheaper to get a new printer. But I decided to get my hand dirty to fix it to help the environment by reducing electronic trash. After five hours of research and frustration, the printer was revived.

Steps to clean Brother DCP-110C print head

  1. Tools for the project: flat head screw driver, philip head screw driver, rubbing alcohol, tape and some paper towel.001 - Tools for Project
  2. Printer something, such as printer quality check sheet. While the print head is away from the home position, dis-connect power to the printer so print head is not in the home position. If the printer head is at the home position, it can not be moved and impossible to clean.
  3. Dis-assemble DCP-110C to expose the print head. These is an excellent YouTube video on how to Disassembling brother DCP-115C, which is almost the same as DCP-110C except the print head.002 -Disassemabled DCP-110C
  4. While the print head is away from home position, slide a small strip of paper towel under print head.
  5. Drop some rubbing alcohol on the paper towel.003 - Add Rubbing Alcohol to Paper Towel
  6. Wrap the alcohol soaked paper towel around print head and let it sit for ten minutes. You may repeat this step more timesĀ until all four color come out.004 - Wrap Paper Towel with Alcohol Around Print Head
  7. Re-assemble the printer and print a test sheet. If it is not good, repeat steps 3 to 7 until print is good or you give up.005 - Print Head Fixed