I learned this from a cooking show on the Chinese TV. It did not specify the exact quantities for each ingredient (very common for Chinese). I tried it out and my kids and guests loved it. So here is my modified version of the recipe:

Cheese Filling:

    2 sticks of cream cheese (16oz)
    1 lemon
    2 eggs
    ¼ cup whipped cream
    Sugar as wished (I used powdered sugar to make it taste better)

Add sugar to the cream cheese, stir well. Add the cream, stir well. Add the eggs, one at a time, mix well. Slice the lemon peels (very tiny pieces) into the mix. Be careful just slice the yellow part, if white skin is included, your cake will taste bitter. Cut the lemon to half, add one-half’s lemon juice into the mix, stir well.

Pie Crust:

    Graham crackers (I bought the 3-pack Honey Grahams, only used one pack – about 4.8oz)
    3 tbsp butter
    Milk as needed

Crush the graham crackers into very small pieces, add the melted butter, mix well. If the mix still looks too dry, you can add a little bit milk. If you want the crust to taste more crispy, don’t add too much milk. Arrange the mix to the bottom of the 9” cooking pan. Make sure the crust is laid out evenly at the bottom and the sides. Pour the cheese filling into the pan.

Preheat the oven to 350F, cook for 40-50 minutes. If you stick a toothpick to the side of the pie and it came out clean, then it’s done.

By baker1