I am planning to visit Beijing in June. A Chinese friend from Beijing suggested that I should follow the schedule below. Any one has more suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Suggested Schedule

Day 1, Scenic Train Ride to Great Wall of China
Take subway to Xizhimeng Train Station to take the scenic train ride to Great Wall of China. The rail road was the first one built by a Chinese Chief Engineer. The cost of the train ride is low and not traffic jam on either way.

Visit the Olympic village when you come back. It looks better at night.

Day 2, Boat Ride to Summer Palace
Spend half a day at the Beijing Zoo. Check out baby Pandas in the zoo. You can ask for direction for the boat ride to the Summer Palace. This is a scenic ride without any traffic jam as well.

Day 3, Forbidden City and Royal Garden
Forbidden City was the royal residence for centuries of years. It is a must see in Beijing. You should enter through the south gate and exit through the north gate. This way, you can visit the Beihai Park and shopping district near the north gate.

Day 4, National Museums
History and Natural museums host the most extensive collections about China.

Day 5, Palace for Heaven
This was the place that Chinese emperors made their offering to the gods in heaven.