It took me forever to solve a Rubik’s cube. Finally, I turned to Internet for some help. There were a lot of help. Now I can almost solve it by myself. However, I keep forget some steps. Below is my cheat sheet.


It is easy to solve one face. Put the solved face at the bottom. Try to make bottom rows of all four side faces same color as the center piece on that face. This is the first step. Holding the Rubik Cube with solved face at the bottom, the notation is:

U – Upper face of the Rubik cube which opposite the completed face

D – Down face, which is completed

F – Front face, the surface facing you

L – Left face, the surface on your left

R – Right face, the surface on your right

B – Back face, the surface opposite you

i – Rotate counter clockwise when looking straight at the face


R Di Ri D = Rotate Right surface clockwise, Rotate down face clock counter clockwise, rotate right face counter clockwise, rotate down face clockwise.

1. Solving second rows

Move square from front face third row center to second row left: Ui L U L U F Ui F

Move square from front face third row center to second row right: U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F

2. Solving from top face L shape at upper corner to singleline at top face middle row: F R U Ri Ui Fi

3. Solving from top faceĀ  singleline at middle row to top face cross: F R U Ri Ui Fi (same as last step)

4. Make Cross lineup with four side faces’ center piece

4a. Rotate the cross so two of the third row center square line up with the second row color. Keep the lineup faces on your right and on the back surface, the follow this: R U Ri U R U U Ri

If the lineup squares are opposite to each other, put one of them on the back surface, repeat the step 4a twice will solve the problem.

5. Move the four corner pieces to correct color combination, but not necessary face correctly

If there is one corner already correct, put it on lower right hand corner on the top surface and follow this: U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L

If there isn’t one corner correct, repeat the steps solves the problem.

6. Solve the final pieces

Keep the piece to solve on the bottom right hand corner on the top surface, repeat this until the bottom corner square line up with the surface:

Ri Di R D

When one corner is complete, rotate the top face only so next corner to flip is at top face lower right again. Repeat above steps until all four corners are solved. At this time, you can see that you solve all 6 faces!