Beach wedding may be most couples’top choice for summer. And since it is quite hot in summer, if without proper preparation work for the ceremony, your beach wedding may turn into a nightmare in the end. So this post will share some basic wedding ideas on beach wedding dress.

Point one: Time and Destination
In general, beach wedding should avoid the moment with too hot or too low temperature. And in most cases, ceremony in the evening is regarded as the golden time.As for the destination, if condition permits, tropical or sub-tropical beach always boast their picturesque scenery and moderate climate, these will be quite decent choice for beach wedding.

Point two: the wedding process
Of course, there is no strict process for the ceremony. Yet you can add some creative ideas to enhance the atmosphere. Let me say, the bride and groom write the wedding vow together and then put it in to a bottle and let your Love Statement flow with the sea. Another good idea is to hide some love token and invite the friends to find it. Anyway, the more creative the idea is, the more unforgettable your wedding ceremony will be.

Point Three: wedding attire and accessories
Bridal gowns: those simple designer and ethereal styled dress must be superexcellent option for beach bridesmaid dress. And the fabric should better choose light, thin and with perfect permeability. And in the following, I will recommend some collection for this summer beach bridal show.

Bridegroom attire: for formal wedding ceremony, white suit is the top choice, while for semi-formal or casual ceremony, flax made clothing with white color or other color will be also proper.

Wedding shoes: high heels are not the right choice for beach wedding, yet fashionable flat slippers or just bare foot are the most comfortable floor length and most proper choice.

Flowers and other accessories: if there are little flowers on the beach, you can scatter some petals for the aisle. And if the condition is not that proper, using some conch shell or decorated sticks for the aisle.