Participating as a bridesmaid in a wedding comes with certain guidelines to follow, particularly when it comes to the dress you will wear. Some tips of discount bridesmaid wedding dress etiquette below to help making a polite bridesmaid much easier.
Rules of bridal etiquette dictate that the bridesmaids pay for their own dress. If the bride has chosen a dress that is too far out of your budget, it is perfectly acceptable to let her know in advance that you can’t participate in the bridal party. If this is the case, make sure to let the bride know with enough time so that she may replace you if she wishes. If a bride offers to foot the bill for her bridesmaids dresses, it is acceptable to agree.
Bridesmaids dresses can be any length the bride chooses, though rules of etiquette state that the gowns should not be longer than the bride’s. Also, daytime weddings are an appropriate time to wear discount cocktail wedding dress, or knee length dresses, while evening and black tie weddings lend themselves better to floor length gowns.

If a bridesmaid will be pregnant during the wedding, it is prudent for the bride to help accommodate. Even if the other bridesmaids dresses match, a pregnant attendant can wear a different style that will fit her body best, like an discount strapless wedding dress style. Or the pregnant bridesmaid can wear a maternity dress in the same color or material as the other women.

Junior Bridesmaids
Junior bridesmaids are becoming a popular alternative as a way to include older pre-teen girls who may be too old to act as a flower girl. Junior bridesmaids can wear the same dress as the other bridesmaids, or if the style is too mature, can wear a similar dress made from the same fabric.

Bridesmaids typically choose their own shoes and jewelry, though brides can feel free to give suggestions on style or color. Brides may also want to consider giving an item like a necklace as a bridal gift to her attendants, which can be worn on the day of the wedding.