Ultimate Survival Endless Setup

Plant vs Zombie is a fun game. But to achieve forty flags on Survival Endless is a formidable challenge. After multiple trials and errors, and some additional researches, I found the setup below is the ultimate setup for achieve forty flags and beyond. The trick is plant as many as sun flower as you can in the beginning of each level to collect sun point. Then use Cob Cannons to cover entry column (right most) constantly.

Plants vs Zombie Endless Ultimate Setup


  1. Eight cob cannons are minimum required to cover the entry column (right most column).
  2. Use pumpkin and imitater pumpkin to protect your plants. All plants are costly to replace.
  3. Use Gloom-shrooms at the left end to guard against Digger Zombies.
  4. Use Gloom-shrooms in the pool to guard against pool zombie and help attacking zombies in  row two and row five.
  5. Use Umbrella Leaves at #2 column from the left to protect plants from bungees and catapults
  6. Use Spikerocks to pop tires and damage zombies. They also slow down Gargantuars.
  7. Use Winter Melons to slow down zombies. They also provide protection against Imp Zombie from attacking plants.
  8. Use Cattails to shoot down Balloon Zombies. Use two Cattails just in case one of them is damaged by Snorkel Zombies.

By homer