Pulling a selected row information in iFix Summary Object seem impossible. There are just several events in that object. However, with some codes, it can be done.

Code to pull information frow a selected row

Alarm Summary Object’s GetSelectedRow method can pull information out from the selected row.

Sample code below:

Private Sub AlarmSummary_Click()
Dim bAck As Boolean
Dim sHandle, sArea, sDateIn ,sDateLast, sTimeIn, sTimeLast, sNode, sTag As String
Dim sPriority, sStatus, sDesc, sValue, sExt1, sExt2, sUser1,  sUser2 As String
Dim strLine, strEquipment, strUnit, strScreenName As String

AlarmSummary.GetSelectedRow bAck, sHandle, sArea, sDateIn, sDateLast, sTimeIn, sTimeLast, sNode, sTag, sPriority, sStatus, sDesc, sValue, sExt1, sExt2, sUser1, sUser2

strLine = sUser2
strEquipment = sUser1
strUnit = sValue