New ControlLogix shipped with older firmware from factory. If your application use newer firmware, you need to upgrade the system’s firmware. You can use ControlFlash to upgrade firmware. Or you can upgrade firmware from RSLogix5000 download. However, the best and fastest way to upgrade firmware is through CompactFlash card.

How to use CompactFlash card to up grade ControlLogix firmware?

Newer ControlLogix controllers come with a compact flash card slot. You can download firmware to CompactFlash card. When it is setup correctly, controller loads firmware from compact flash card at power up.

  1. Insert an Allen-Bradley Compact Flash card into a controller. Generic compact flash card may work. But Allen-Bradley insisited on AB brand card.001 - Insert AB Compact Flash Card1
  2. Download firmware to the controller. Access controller property window and click on Load/Store button in the “Nonvolatile Memory” tab.002 - Access Nonvolatile Memory Tab
  3. Store firmware to compact flash card. Be sure to select Enable and store files to Image in Automatic firmware update box.  Then click the store button to store firmware to the card.003 - Store Firmware to Compact Flash Card
  4. Lable the card with controller model number and firmware number.

This is your master firmware card. You can insert the master firmware card into same model controller and power up the controller. When the controller powers up, it upgrades its firmware automatically. You can remove the compact flash card after that.