Motion Block - 10
Motion Block – 10

Motion Block -10 (MB-10) is Adept robot’s new amplifier. It has built in memory to store configuration data so replacement MB-10 can retrieve configuration automatically. It also has a LED window for error code display and a bi-color LED indicator for MB-10 health (See Adept robot motion block-10 (mb-10) error code). Below is LED’s status code.

MB-10 LED Status Code:

LED Status Condition
LED Off 24 VDC not present
LED green, blinking Slow 24 VDC present, High Power disabled
LED green, blinking fast 24 VDC present, High Power enabled
LED blinking alternately green and red To identify an axis during configuration
LED red, blinking fast MB-10 Fault, 24 VDC present
LED green or red, not blinking MB-10 logic failure

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