Post Glover Natural Ground Resistor (NGR) uses a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for control and communication. In order to program the HMI, its parameter protection should be disabled. Below are the steps to disable the password protection.

Steps to disable password protection

  1. Press ESC/BACK button to the Main screen as shown below.001 - NGR Main Screen
  2. Press MENU/5 key to access menu screen003 - NGR Menu Screen
  3. Press F1 for password control
  4. Press F2 for enable/disable password protection.
  5. In the password entry screen, press Enter key and type the password (default password is 1000). Press Enter again when password is completed.002 - Enter Password in NGR HMI
  6. Main screen should show “WARNING!!! PSWD DISABLED”. Most of the configurations are opened for modification now.